Why Gun Free Kids?

Gun violence is an epidemic and a national disgrace.  Every year in the United States guns kill over 30,000 people.  We should not have to live in constant fear of our kids dying and being seriously injured in mass shootings like Newtown, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois Univ. or Columbine. Moreover, let's not lose sight of the fact that a normal day in America brings the loss of 8 young people to shootings that occur on our streets and in our homes - the equivalent of two Columbines every other day.

What is the U.S. Congress or State legislatures around the country doing about the problem? Almost nothing. Why? Because the National Rifle Association "NRA" and the gun industry use vast sums of money to block passage of sensible gun legislation -- laws that are designed to reduce death and injury and create safer communities. The gun lobby claims that it is protecting gun owners' rights under the Second Amendment. In fact, their efforts lead to the death or injury of thousands of innocent Americans every year as families continue to pay an unbearable price for our national obsession with guns.

What needs to happen to reverse this ugly trend of gun violence? One realistic solution is for gun violence prevention activists to commit to political organizing on the grassroots/netroots level - state by state.

We cannot, however, achieve our goals without financial support. We are being challenged by the most powerful lobbying group in the U.S., which spends millions of dollars annually on lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. and state legislatures. We need your help.

Please help stop gun violence against our children -- your children -- by making a contribution to GunFreeKids.org. Look around this website and take action today.